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Teri Meri Love Stories- Part 8

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By:    Teri Meri Love Stories- Short Story Part 8 by Apopinion    

Teri Meri Love Stories- Part 8     

Teri Meri Love Stories Revisited- Part 2

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Teri Meri Love Stories Revisited- Part 2     

O Re Piya - read my OS!!

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Without even giving an audition she was selected, and she very well knew that she and the great ASR      


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By:    Extra Shot by Dhakshi    

Some tribal people believe the forests are guarded by a goddess and the woods by a god. It is a deep-rooted belief... Is it just a belief or is there any truth to it?      

Life Ki Ek Naya Kahani!

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By:    Life ki ek naya Kahani by Vidyaasmilezz    

This time I promise I will update day-to-day base every week . Anyway     

Presenting “Teri Meri Love Story” Series written by apopinion's

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Detailed index of “Teri Meri Love Story” Series      

OS:Time and Love.....

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By:    Thank You by Blackandwhite    

This is just a simple love story..Hope you all like it..     

OS:Hum Kaha de aur Ab Kaha..He...........

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By:    Thank You by Blackandwhite    

For the first time in My life i am going to write an OS...Please comment if all like it.     

Teri Meri Love Stories Revisited

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Teri Meri Love Stories Revisited     

Manam thiranthu...

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By:    next part by Arshinandhu    

SS : Perfect Couple

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By:    Chapter 10 - *Special Chapter* by Dhakshi    

Sequel to "Perfect Match"     

My first ss: During the hut scene

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By:    Part four by Sinam1kana    

The starts from the hut scene during the kidnap track.     

Arnav aur Khushi ki kahani - Thread2

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By:    Arnav aur Khushi ki kahani by Aadhya    

Guys.. the story continues here.. welcome to A2K3!!!     

OS:The Woven Memories

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"For me,love always meant Ani.But for you,it was not so.So,I guess life's not so unfair."     

Teri Meri Love Stories- Short Story Part 7

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By:    Teri Meri Love Stories- Short Story Part 7 by Apopinion    

Teri Meri Love Stories- Short Story Part 7     

Skiddle.. For You!!

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Happy Birthday :-)     

kya yahi pyaar hai?

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By:    kya yahi PYAAR hai? by Aadhya    

Khushi has to teach the guy she hates, how to treat girls properly while dealing with his ego.     

SS : Perfect Match ( COMPLETED )

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By:    AUTHOR'S NOTE - Very Imp by Dhakshi    

Sometimes it takes more than being perfect.... it takes being imperfect!     


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Why not me?     

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