42 minutes ago     5     2019     61        
By:    ARNAV+KUSHI=LOVE by Arnavkushi2012    

Arnav.... Arrogant, romantic, naughty, adorable, VIP. KUSHi...kind,understanding,soft hearted indian love story     

Snowfall ~ Fanswords~

 2 hours ago     6     1247     85    
By:    :) Thank you by Snowfall    

Hey people, how many of u can still have smile thinking about Frozen hearts..Will they melt? story by snowfall?? Doesn't she deserves a appreciation page by her fans? Peep in...     

TS : I Love My Crazy Wife

 7 hours ago     3     3417     215    
By:    TS : I Love My Crazy Wife by Arshiminakshi    

TS : I Love My Crazy Wife     


 8 hours ago     198     12    

I'M BACK !     

Arshi’s life….

 8 hours ago     108     123869     9344    
By:    Arshi's Life 107 by Kalai    

Guys… here am again… with my fifth story… thanks everyone…. The white Mercedes raced from airport towards the market area and suddenly halted by hitting a man around 45 years. The person who has driv     

Revenge and Redemption

 8 hours ago     39     36220     2699        
By:    Revenge and Redemption by Chamkililaadgoverner    

A revenge track of Arnav and Kushi     

Unwritten Destiny-Found My Love

 9 hours ago     2     997     33        
By:    Chapter one by Sanchita    

a love story of arshi with little romance....collab by me and sanchita peep in and comment     


 10 hours ago     73     49407     3324        
By:    ARSHI LOVE STORY by Arshiipkknd    

This is my first ever story penning down. It’s a very simple love story with family entertainment, fun, teasing, love silly fights, etc…. ARSHI LOVE STORY     

Os Darshan Raval ka Diwani

 10 hours ago     2     1050     13        
By:    A Thank You note... by Nanak    

ASR is getting mad here with his wife who is shouting for her favourite Raw Star...Darshan..Darshan....peep in     


 12 hours ago     47     29997     2004    
By:    Emptiness... Part 47 by Taanihalai    


 13 hours ago     4     4567     195        
By:    PART - 3 by Tinni6891    

Will Arnav and Khushi give more importance to their misunderstanding than their true love? Will they able to be destined to be together?     

Please Love Me

 15 hours ago     70     88485     6718        
By:    khushi seduce arnav & arnav's love by Arshi_Siva    

will khushi understood arnav love and accept her husband who forcefully married her. ss about arnav      

Love !!! Magic beings...

 15 hours ago     26     27457     2506    
By:    Love !!! Magic beings... by Nakshathra    

A simple story where a gal who never allowed to take her decision on her life, discovering a new feelings for a guy against her rules.... Will she give in to her feelings or overcome it.     

Ocean's happy

 15 hours ago     21     11098     822    
By:    Ocean's happy by Nakshathra    

The story of ARSHI whose characters r exact opposite. Arnav believes in love whereas khushi hates love nd mens     

Her marriage!!! A sin to be destroyed

 15 hours ago     12     18034     1092    
By:    His touch!!! Her recognize by Nakshathra    

A gal fell on his trap in the name of marriage without knowing his true face, what would happen when she came to know about him who just going to replace her as a call gal in their absence     

Arshi FF: With You For Eternity.

 16 hours ago     13     15849     1140    
By:    PART - 13 by Happydays    

This is a Love story of our favorite Characters Arnav and Khusi. The story starts from the marriage track. It shows how they face all the odd together, when the whole world is against them.      

Arshi... Story of their Love

 16 hours ago     9     10388     609    
By:    PART - 7 by Happydays    

Arshi... Story of their Love     

Colours of Life

 17 hours ago     20     11811     601        
By: Sarasan   FINDING OUT by Sarasan    

When only pain is being received in her love and no more strength to with stand it desides to move forward in life what is life stored for her love or pain peep in....     

Second love change life

 18 hours ago     42     45886     3132        
By:    arnav make khushi happy by Arshi_Siva    

arnav loves his lady love so much but she went away so far from him forever. will second love change arnav life or not. will khushi make him fall on her. please peep in.     


 18 hours ago     46     50369     3255        
By:    arshi went to party & romance by Arshi_Siva    

Marriage turns many people life into heaven or hell. now how this marriage turns arnav and khushi life. Marriage bring happiness or sad in their life. if u want to know it please peep in.     

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