Revenge and Redemption

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By:    Revenge and Redemption by Chamkililaadgoverner    

A revenge track of Arnav and Kushi     

anjali di little prince her chotte

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By:    Shaarav with his parents by Anamehreen    

daljeet aka anjali di with baby shaarav     

Telly awards 2014!!! Winners

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Telly awards 2014!!! Winners     

Her marriage!!! A sin to be destroyed

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By:    Khushi confront once again by Nakshathra    

A gal fell on his trap in the name of marriage without knowing his true face, what would happen when she came to know about him who just going to replace her as a call gal in their absence     

Full Circle: The Longest Season of Darkness

 8 hours ago     15     8018     822        
By:    Full Circle: The longest season of darkness by Arshirandomfan    

What will you do for your family, your loved ones? Will you sacrifice everything? Your only hope for happiness for them? Will you walk to the ends of darkness for justice..     

SS - ASR’s Angry Mode…

 11 hours ago     15     34097     1716    
By:    ASR's Angry Mode - 15 by Kalai    

The mighty ASR… due to his over affection on his sister… forced Khushi to lose everything to him… including herself… how destiny has planned them to be with each other. Peep in guys… to know     


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By:    Chapter 46 - "FATE'S STOLEN TURN;)" by Vsahi    

A story which ll bring a smile in ur lips with romance/emotional/laughter at d end of each update;)      

Arshi SS : Doctors in Love ..

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By:    Arshi SS : Doctors In Love... by Sandiamalikabc123456    

How Arnav bring back happiness in his love life !     

It all started at college

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By: Jessbrownie  

It all started at college     

*New* ArShi FF | Bhabhi

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By:    -Chapter Two- by -meow-    

No Preview *wink* Do peep in :D     

SS : Beintehaa ( Pyaar Ya Nafrat ? )

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SS : Beintehaa ( Pyaar Ya Nafrat ? )     

Life is not always same

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By:    Chapter 14 by Starmuski    

Life is not always same.....not always bed of roses neither always bed of thorns not always happy niether sad it changes like seasons     

Unwritten Destiny-Found My Love

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By:    chapter 7 by Krithika_Rshi    

a love story of arshi with little romance....collab by me and sanchita peep in and comment     


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plzz peep in and wish my friend...! :)     

FF:The Demigod Diaries

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By:    The demigod diaries-Arnav by Rockinriya    

Its not ordinary to turn out to be half god.How will arnav's life change when realizes he is one?      

Life after Marriage

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By:    chapter 54 by Chamkililaadgoverner    

What would happen when u marry a person suffering from mental imbalance for ur family     


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By:    Emptiness... Part 54 by Taanihalai    

Barun's latest pic from Hyderabad airport

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Barun's latest pic from Hyderabad airport     


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By:    "HURDLES IN LOVE" by Sadiyafanofaarshi    

what if anjali di come to know about her **** husband's true face & she punnish him for tht........     


 18 hours ago     2     1612     19        
By:    DREAM OF A BLOSSOM by Tanu_Rshi    

It's not just a mere love story... but a story of brave siblings along with a different track of love between arnav and khushi!     

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